Congratulations to our ISTD Modern and Tap Trophy winners of 2020

Congratulations to our ISTD Modern and Tap Trophy winners of 2020

COVID-19 forced us to cancel our April 2020 exam session, but many dedicated dancers opted to present their work (remotely) from Studio2 in November.

Congratulations go to Nicole Glover and Gia Van Herwaarden, joint runners up to the Modern Trophy and to LYLA HATTON, our 2020 winner.

Nicole Glover
Gia Van Herwaarden

Congratulations also go to OLIVIA YOUNG who has won the tap trophy for the third time in her career at Steps Ahead Dance.

We only wish the girls were able to be onstage to receive the applause they deserve.

LYLA HATTON – Modern Trophy OLIVIA YOUNG – Tap Trophy
Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House

Feb 16th – 22nd incl. Contact Lorraine if you need the code.

All parents and family are welcome to log into our Zoom Room to observe class in progress. We look forward to welcoming you and hope you enjoy witnessing your dancer as s/he takes part in class. Simply log in at the start of class to enable the teacher to ‘admit all’. If you arrive a little early or late – be patient as the faculty will be actively involved in teaching, but will get to the device to admit you as soon as possible.

Photo Credit: Don Armitage. Dancer: Natalie Geldart.

Pandemic Update – January 20, 2021

Pandemic Update – January 20, 2021

As the Province extends the emergency, Steps Ahead Dance will continue our mitigation plan as per November 20th, 2020.

Masks or Face Shields are mandatory in the building.

Please be assured that all of us at Steps Ahead Dance are doing everything we can to remain proactive while anticipating how to alleviate the risk of any of our students and staff or their families from becoming ill. 

Hand sanitizing, temperature checks along with enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols are things we continue to practice on a daily basis. Aeration of the studio spaces will now take place hourly.

We trust that your dancer will continue to be vigilant with hand washing, social distancing and wearing a mask/face shield at all times while in the building. Limit all personal belongs and be sure such belongings can be contained in your dancers bin.

Our goals are to keep everyone healthy, keep our doors open and teach as many dancers as possible! As, hopefully, the curve is being flattened we are constantly reviewing and updating our mitigation plan.


Summer Programs 2021

Summer Programs 2021

June 25th – 29th – ISTD Modern and Tap Syllabus Intensive

Brush up on your technique and be ready for the next exam session.

Weekly session – $80 – 45min classes. $100 – 60 min classes.

  • 9am Gr 3 Tap
  • 9.45am Gr 5 Tap
  • 10.30am Gr 1 Modern
  • 11.15am Gr 3 Modern
  • Noon Gr 4 Modern
  • 1pm Gr 5 Modern
  • 2pm Gr 6 Modern
  • 3pm Intermediate Tap
  • 4pm Advanced 1 Modern

July 5th – 9th. Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus Summer School

Some classes with Guest teacher Miss Chantelle Norris

Over her 13 years on Vancouver Island, Chantelle’s creative, award winning choreography and classical knowledge has gained her respect in the community, classroom and on the stage. Many of her students have gone on to dance full time with prestigious ballet schools such as the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada, and have received coveted top placements at international ballet competitions such as, the Youth American Grand Prix. She is currently Artistic Director of the Kirkwood Academy Pre-Professional Program, and owner of Nanaimo Contemporary Ballet.

Weekly Session – $80 – 45mins. $100 – 60mins.   $120 – 75mins

  • 9am Grade 2
  • 9.45am Grade 3
  • 10.45am Grade 4
  • 11.45am Grade 5
  • 12.30pm Intermediate Foundation (existing Gr 5’s)
  • 1.45pm Progressing Ballet Technique Conditioning (or similar)
  • 2.30pm Grade 6 OR Intermediate (existing Rep and Inter Foundations)
  • 3.45pm Grade 7

July 12th – 15th – Lyrical and Jazz Intensive with Andrea Gibson

4Days – 10am – 4pm – $200Ages 12 and up

Andrea is a multitalented dancer, teacher and choreographer trained in jazz, lyrical, contemporary, ballet(RAD), hip hop, tap, voice and musical theatre. She grew up on stage winning over $15,000 in personal scholarships and competing as a provincial representative. Andrea has performed in numerous stage productions as well as being cast as a principal dancer in the Warner Brothers movie Scooby Doo 2. Over the last two decades she has taught at both recreational and competitive levels with her students winning numerous high-score and choreography awards yearly.

July 16th and 17th– Booked solos with Andrea Gibson (4 max)

Enquire by emailing

July 19th – Aug 6th – SAPG solos, Private Coaching

Contact Ms Lorraine at for further information.

Aug 9th – 13th – ‘Come ‘n Dance’ Week

Weekly series of classes – $100 (Morning or Afternoon or Evening sessions)

  • 9am – Noon – Tiny Tots with Miss Julianna (Age 4-7yrs)
  • 1pm – 4pm – Acrobatics and Conditioning with Miss Cat and Miss Hayley (Age 6 – 11yrs)
  • 5pm – 8pm – Acrobatics and Conditioning with Miss Cat and Miss Hayley (Age 12 and up)
  • Please Note: Acro students may be grouped by skill level

August 16th – 20th – Make a Music Video with Miss Bryony

Weekly series of classes – $100 (morning or afternoon session)

  • 9am – Noon – Juniors – Age 6-8 yrs
  • 1pm – 4pm – Intermediates – Age 9-12yrs

Aug 23rd – 27th – Studio 2 Maintenance week

August 30th – Sept 3rd SAPG Choreography Intensive

Applications for current members will be sent out in March.

Contact Miss Cat or Miss Hayley if you wish to apply to join SAPG 2021/22 ( or

Update: November 20, 2020

Update: November 20, 2020



Along with our previous mandate of mandatory masks in the Annex, it is now expected that students wear a mask while participating in dance classes, at this time. We will review this policy in two weeks time. 

Please be assured that all of us at Steps Ahead Dance are doing everything we can to remain proactive while anticipating how to alleviate the risk of any of our students and staff or their families from becoming ill. 

While dance studios in BC are subject to further revised guidelines, yet to be announced, we would like to remind parents of the following: 

  • Syllabus based dance class is inherently socially distanced.
  • Dance class at Steps Ahead Dance is structured and disciplined and therefore inherently safe
  • Schedules at Steps Ahead are limited to those registered and remain in safe, small cohorts.

Hand sanitizing, temperature checks along with enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols are things we continue to practice on a daily basis. Aeration of the studio spaces will now take place hourly.

We trust that your dancer will continue to be vigilant with hand washing, social distancing and wearing a mask at all times while in the building.

Our goals are to keep everyone healthy, keep our doors open and teach as many dancers as possible! As the pandemic’s 2nd wave peaks in BC we are constantly reviewing and updating our mitigation plan.

Easy November Extended through December for SOME classes.

Thank you all for your participation in “Easy November” these past ten days. We have truly missed the contact that we usually enjoy with parents at this time of year and understand the limitations of online participation in class. We believe, however, that it is our collective responsibility to mitigate the spread of CORONAvirus and we trust that we will all do our part to keep ourselves, our families and co-workers safe and healthy as we navigate new restrictions and safety protocols, building upon the stringent policies and guidelines already in place. Please see below regarding capacities of students in our spaces.

While this winter continues to throw curve-balls at all of our daily routines, knocking us temporarily off-balance, we want to remind you of the positive, relaxing, healthy benefits your dancer receives while in the studio. During these difficult times, Miss Bryony, Miss Jenny, Miss Cat, Miss Hayley, Miss Julianna  and Ms Lorraine still strive to provide consistently engaging, safe, creative, educational and fun classes for your dancer to look forward to each week. 

November 20, 2020 Update

Zoom Open House runs all of next week. Please join us online for a peek at our dancers in class!

Monday Nov 23rd to Saturday Nov 28th

Please log in a couple of minutes before class starts. We hope you enjoy watching the classes!

Zoom Room ID number: 915 643 7438

Password:  stepsahead

Part of our mitigation plan review includes limiting the numbers of students in our classes. Originally allowing for 12 students and 1 instructor in the studio, we are now limiting our number of students to 10 in the studio.

For the rest of Term 1 – Nov 23rd – Dec 12th (when regular classes end for the 1st term) we are happy to invite students in all classes with 10 or less back to the studio,  with masks

                                                      These are: 

Musical Movement

Primary Ballet

Grade 1 Ballet

Grade 2 Ballet

Grade 3 Ballet 

Grade 4 Ballet semi-private

Inter Foundation Ballet

Rep Ballet

Intermediate Ballet

Senior Open Ballet A and B

Grade 8 Ballet

Intro to Tap

Grade 5 Tap

Intermediate Tap

Grade 3 Modern

Grade 5 Modern

Grade 6 Modern

Adv 1 Modern

Open Modern

Acro I and II

Open Jazz

Broadway Senior

Classes with more than 10 students – we ask you consider continuing “Easy November” through to the end of term (Dec. 12, 2020).

If you have already Zoomed once or twice so far – please come to the studio. If you have not Zoomed yet, please consider taking one class on Zoom over the next three weeks.

Pre-Primary Ballet

Gr 1 Modern

Street Dance

Grade 5 Ballet

Grade 4 Modern

Broadway Junior

Senior Contemporary (already split)

It is good to note that the classes listed here have a registration of 11 or 12 in each. We are not looking for the majority of dancers to stay on Zoom – but rather one or two dancers each class. 

Please note second term fees are due December 19, 2020


The exciting news of a vaccine on the horizon is allowing us to plan for our show in May. This seems far away right now; but we are making music selections and planning choreography. Remember, all dancers will perform in May; a highlight for every dancer for sure. 

The second term at Steps Ahead will be filled with remote ballet exams and awards (end February), SAPG performances at the Cowichan Festival and other venues (remotely) and learning choreography for our show.

We are so grateful to be able to continue teaching and guiding your dancer. Teachers and dancers alike rely on the studio as a place to create, experience, share, exercise and connect. COVID-19 has, in the word of a wise parent, taught us 

‘we can do hard things’.

Thank you for being a part of our dance family and as always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Ms. Lorraine

November 9th Update – “Easy November”

November 9th Update – “Easy November”

November Update

While there has been encouraging news this week regarding a possible vaccine discovery, the pandemic continues to cause disruption and unease with record breaking numbers of cases in British Columbia recorded almost daily. This newsletter will outline our protocols and schedules over the next few weeks and if you have any questions or concerns, please email or phone at any time for clarification.

We want you to be assured that all of us at Steps Ahead Dance are doing everything we can to remain proactive while anticipating how to alleviate the risk of any of our students and staff from becoming ill. 

Hand sanitizing, temperature checks along with enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols are things we continue to practice on a daily basis. 

Our aim is to keep everyone healthy, keep our doors open and teach as many dancers as possible!

Last week we mandated the use of masks in the annex and encouraged optional use of masks while in the studio.

The discussion on cohorts continues; as you are aware, we keep classes separated and have a max of 12 dancers in any one class at a time. These measures, however, may not be sufficient to keep COVID-19 out of Steps Ahead Dance. 

We are now announcing some new components in our evolving plan to keep everyone safe:

  1. From Nov 11th – Nov 21st incl.  we will be operating “Easy November”

During these 11 days we are asking families to consider having their dancer take part in some of his/her weekly classes using our Zoom Room. Our hope is to EASE the load of physical presence in Studio 2 by 50% for this period of time. This in turn will lessen the likelihood of a COVID-19 incident by 50% during this period, while cases are surging in BC and on the island. We have selected these dates as some schools will be returning from a week of mid-term break and may have friends who have travelled during this time.

Our fantastic teachers will gear the lessons to be suitable for both those at home and those in studio for this brief period of time. If you are online your class will still be valuable.

Some examples of how you can help during Easy November: if your dancer usually dances three hours per week at Studio2, perhaps s/he would take one or two of those hours remotely. If your dancer usually attends six classes per week, three of them could be on Zoom. If your dancer attends one class per week and has missed a few classes already during term 1, please come to class, but if your dancer attends once a week and you have been able to attend most classes in person, perhaps consider taking a lesson on Zoom during “Easy November”. 

If Steps Ahead Dance is part of your childcare plan, be sure to continue coming to Studio 2 as per usual. Similarly, if your WIFI is not sufficient at home, simply continue attending your classes in person. 

November Update

2. Nov 23rd – 28th incl. – Zoom Open House  with All Dancers back in Studio2 *Pandemic Permitting*

Families are welcome to log into our Zoom room to observe classes for the entire week of Nov 23rd – 28th. We very much look forward to showing you our progress. 

3. Remembrance Day – November 11th.

No classes at the HUB this day.

All classes at Studio 2 running as per usual.

4. ISTD Remote Exams – completed and a great success!

With huge thanks to my teaching team over the weekend we filmed 19 dancers and uploaded the videos for marking. Despite it being very different from a usual exam day we feel the dancers indeed gained a great deal from the experience. We should receive results from these exams before the winter break.

I wish to thank you all for your continued support.

See you at Studio 2 soon


Fall Update – Oct 23rd

Fall Update – Oct 23rd


2.Daylight Savings – pick up and drop off


4.The Shows Must Go On!

5.ISTD remote recorded examinations

6. Remembrance Day 

We have lots of new swag for you to order – what a great idea for Christmas presents! Contact Julie at to place an order. Price list attached to this email.

With daylight savings taking place on Nov 1st we are adjusting our drop off/pick up policy.

Drop off– Students are NOT to wait outside in the dark. The annex (back) door is always unlocked during class time. Please advise your dancer to enter the annex quietly, 5 minutes before class time. The temperature check will be done before class begins in the annex.

Pick up – We prefer to use the front door as an exit; however, we do not want dancers running around the building in the dark. We will therefore be allowing dancers to leave via the annex door after dark. Please continue to park at the back of the studio.

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year!

Please come to class in your costume on October 31st– treats will be handed out at the end of each lesson. NOTE – SAPG should be in regular rehearsal attire – thanks.

The Shows Must Go On!

Sadly, the Performing @ Home brand must be put to bed. After seventeen Performing @ Home seasons we say goodbye to our show title, and this year, location too. However, change can also be good!


We are excited to announce that we have secured the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre for our production May 28th and 29th 2021. All Steps Ahead dancers will be taking part and many more details will follow in due course. Drumroll: Our new show title THE SHOWS MUST GO ON!

ISTD examinations. For those who are entered for Modern exams held over from April 2020. Mock exams are this Sunday October 25th and examinations will be filmed Sunday Nov 8th. A separate email will be sent with details to families concerned.

Finally – Remembrance Day – Classes at the HUB are cancelled – Classes at Studio2 are taking place.

Welcome to the 2020/21 Dance Season

Welcome to the 2020/21 Dance Season

It has been an endlessly long spring and summer and we are beyond excited to get back to a full class schedule in our new location – Steps Ahead Dance, Studio 2 at Whippletree Junction.

A few things to remember:

COVID 19 is very much at the forefront of our minds and the safety of our dancers and faculty is of utmost importance.

New policies are in place.

If you have not already done so, please take the time to read our MITIGATION PLAN, BEFORE returning to the studio.


CLEAR LABELLED BINS are now mandatory at Steps Ahead for every dancer – get your supplies together and make sure the bin is large enough to hold ALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS, including shoes and jackets.

The use of MASKS has been a long-debated subject this summer. The faculty at Steps Ahead will have a mask to use when teaching or correcting a student at less than 2m distance. You are welcome to send your dancer to class with a mask.

ABSENCE due to illness is to be expected this season. If your dancer or a family member is feeling unwell – you now have the option to DANCE at home– never miss a lesson – simply log into our ZOOM ROOM

Faculty will take attendance of students both in the studio and on the screen.

Like many things, arrival and dismissal will look a little different this year. Students will enter via the back door of Studio 2 – parents are requested to remain in their vehicle.

Those very young dancers can be escorted by parents to the back door and wait (socially distanced) to be invited into the annex. Sadly, we cannot accommodate parents or siblings on the premises at this time.

Dancers will be greeted by a studio assistant or teacher and instructed to

  1. Use hand sanitizer (supplied)
  2. Change footwear
  3. Pack all belongings into clear bin
  4. Enter the studio, place bin at back of room (distanced from other bins) and stand on a distanced dance sticker – ready to dance!

After class, dancers will exit via the front door of Studio2 and will walk around the building to the rear to be collected. PLEASE PARK AT THE REAR.

The DRESS CODE for BALLET students can be found online here:


The DRESS CODE for TAP can be found here:

One new addition this season, under the guidance of both the RAD and ISTD, is the use of DANCE SOCKS in modern and contemporary genres. ACRO will not require socks or shoes – Please note – all dancers registered in ACRO will receive a separate email from Miss Cat and Miss Hayley in this regard.

All dancewear can be purchased through our ONLINE STORE. Click HERE:

Alternatively, Toes ‘N Taps in Victoria, or W Dance Wear in Duncan will be able to fill all of your uniform requirements.


Details are found on your Studio Director Account

Tuition Fees

Your fees are due at the start of each term (September, December and March). We are not accepting fees for the full year. Fees can be paid by cash or cheque at the studio (please use a clearly marked envelope if dropping off tuition), but preferably by e-transfer to Please make you security question: What is the first name of my oldest dancer? thanks!

Please Note:

  1. If we are unable to meet in person – all classes – same schedule – will continue on Zoom.
  2. If your dancers is under the weather – he/she can remain at home and take class by logging into our Zoom Room – teachers will take attendance both in the room and on Zoom. Zoom Room # and Password is emailed to all registered Steps families.
  3. One months written notice is required when withdrawing

Costume Fees

At this time, we will not collect costume fees. It is our hope to re-use as many costumes as possible. Stay tuned – we may ask if we can have an old costume back from you – and our teachers may be sourcing accessories at local shops – we will get creative. If we need to order a costume for your dancer’s class – you will be billed at a later date. We will, of course, keep all costs down wherever possible.

DanceBug Fees

Each family will be charged the $30 DanceBug fee in October. This is for streaming of our performance – POSSIBLY EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THIS YEAR than ever before.

Open House

Our annual winter Open House will take place on Zoom – all parents will be welcome to watch class via ZOOM ROOM


Steps Ahead Dance will be offering a variety of warm-up and cover-ups and even masks this season. All orders will be sent to Pictures of samples will be sent out soon. Be sure to order early for Christmas! Remember – we want your dancer to arrive for class already dressed in leotard and tights – these warm-up items will be the perfect cover-ups to keep you warm and safe on the way into the studio.

ISTD Exams

For those of you who had entered for a spring examination that was postponed – stay tuned. We are looking forward to November entries.

IMPORTANT DATES Be sure to add these dates to your calendar.

Year – End Annual Performance (AKA Performing @ Home)

Our performance week dates remain the same – May 25th – 29th, 2021. All other details remain fluid at this time.

We have been working hard this spring and summer readying the studio and completing professional development and we can hardly wait to see you all again soon!   Kindest regards,                                          

Ms. Lorraine