Summer School 2020 – SAPG 2020/21.

July 6th – 10th incl. – Mandatory to those wanting to be entered for RAD Awards/Exams

9.00am Gr 1 Ballet

9.45am Gr 2 Ballet

10.30am Gr 3 Ballet

11.30am Gr 5 Ballet

12.30pm Inter Fdn

1.30pm Rep Ballet

2.30pm Progressing Ballet Technique/conditioning

3pm Intermediate Ballet

4pm Grade 8 Ballet


Steps Ahead Performance Group – 2020/21 –  Please contact the studio for further information on the opportunities for SAPG performance students.

Choreography Intensive (mandatory):

June 29th-July 3rd 

9:30am Junior Ballet (Ms Lorraine)

10:15am Junior/Intermediate Stage (Miss Julianna)

11:00pm Tap Duet (Ms Lorraine)

11.45pm Tap Trio (Miss Bryony)

12.30pm Senior Jazz/Stage (Miss Bryony)

1.30pm Stage Trio (Miss Bryony)

2:15pm Senior Contemporary Ballet (Miss Cat and Hayley)

3.00pm Intermediate Modern (Miss Cat and Hayley)

3.45pm Intermediate Contemporary Ballet (Miss Jenny)